The NCA raises thousands of pounds each year, primarily through Nunney Street Fayre, which is the NCA’s largest annual event and is organised by a sub-team of NCA committee volunteers. Money raised is then ploughed back into our village community, through NCA community events as well as via requests for projects, events etc. from different charities and/or community groups.

If you are wanting to run a village project, hold a village event, start a youth group in Nunney etc. and want financial help, please contact the NCA and as long as we receive detailed and accurate costings including formal quotes, the committee will consider the request.

Local projects which have recently benefited include:

  • Nunney children’s play ground

  • Nunney BMX track

  • Nunney Church roof

Fran's zip wire.jpg

The NCA contributed towards the zip wire.

BMX Track.jpg

The NCA contributed towards the creating of Nunney BMX track.

Church roof 01.jpg

The NCA contributed towards the restoration of Nunney Church roof.

This year, the NCA has supported and/or helped fund projects, including:

  • Weekly maths and science revision/workshops - for young people (Year 7+) and adults

  • Nunney Community Lunch

Francis maths poster website.jpg

The NCA funds the hiring of the hall and all of the consumable resources in order for Francis Hayden to deliver a weekly maths and science after-school session.

As the exam season looms ever closer this successful weekly session has seen its numbers increase. The topics covered each session are led by the individuals in the session so is as personalised as is possible.

Nunney Community Lunch v6 FINAL.jpg

The NCA funded the initial printing of 500 A5 leaflets to ensure everyone in the village heard about this special lunch.

Following the hugely successful community lunch in March, the volunteer organisers decided to make it a monthly event - the first Friday of every month. This is a non-profit making event and the community lunch has subsequently paid the NCA back for the original flyers.

The NCA wishes them well with this project.

If you would like to find out more about the NCA accounts, a copy of the 2018 financial report is available by clicking here.